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Some toys had given a spoiler about who is the new Black Panther • ENTER.CO

The first preview of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiered during Comic Con in San Diego 2022. To the rhythm of ‘No Woman no Cry’, the trailer introduces us to Namor and the inhabitants of Atlantis from the MCU, as well as the duel that the people of Wakanda are going through after the loss of their king Tchalla. However, at the end of the preview we see who seems to be his successor when someone in the Black Panther suit appears on the scene.

And although Marvel is an expert in keeping their secrets… unfortunately the companies that make their toys are not so. An image from a new Lego collection includes three characters, and one of them appears to be a woman wearing the Black Panther costume and who, most agree, is Shuri, Tchalla’s sister.

The reason is that this new Black Panther is that the figure seems to adapt to the suit the same weapons in the arms that we saw Shuri use in Black Panther, Infinity War and then in Endgame. We also know that it is the same suit that we see at the end of the film because it has the same golden lines on the legs as the one that is shown for a few seconds.

After the death of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played the hero in the MCU, most fans agreed that his most logical successor in history would be Shuri. After all, there’s already a precedent in the comics for Tchalla’s sister taking on the mantle of Black Panther. The trailer also seems to hint that part of his character’s backstory will include conflict over whether he’s up to upholding his legacy, especially now that they don’t have the support of the Black Panther flower (which was destroyed by Killmonger from so there can’t be another Black Panther).

There is a problem. Before 2020 the popularity of actress Letitia Wright made her a favorite to become a regular in the MCU. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic it was revealed that the actress had strong anti-vaccine tendencies (which she has not denied). These reports also seemed to be accompanied by doubts in Marvel Studios about whether to develop sequels considering the resistance that putting such a controversial person in front of the franchise would have.

If the leak is true, then it seems that Marvel has ended up ignoring these possible problems or believes that it can overcome the voices of those who oppose giving the role of one of the defenders of the earth to someone who has openly defied even the most basic care practices in the midst of a pandemic.

If so, for Marvel Studios we have a message.

Images: Marvel Studios

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