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Solar lamp: learn more

People often have a lot of questions when it comes to lighting the garden, leisure area or other outdoor space in the house. They are not sure which light to use to make the environment visible, cozy and pleasant.

Solar luminaires are perfect pieces to light up the outdoor area. (Photo: Disclosure)

An interesting solution for external areas is the solar lamp🇧🇷 This product is modern, ecological and ensures good lighting without wasting electricity.

What this article covers:

How does the solar light work?

The solar luminaire works through battery plateswhich are recharged through the Sun rays🇧🇷 The autonomy of the light lasts an average of 8 hours.

Practical, modern and efficient, the solar luminaire does not require any type of accessory to operate it. It lights up by itself when the day gets dark and goes out when the sun takes over the sky again.

O external lighting system Powered by the sun, it eliminates wiring and has the ability to store energy during the day to reuse it at night. The solar luminaire is easy to install and can be found in several versions. It works with a photosensitive sensor that must be installed in a location that receives the most sunlight🇧🇷

The luminaire, recharged by the sun’s rays, has automatic lighting when it gets dark. (Photo: Disclosure)

As it is a created item light up the outsidethe solar light features durability and water-resistant structure.

solar lamp models

There are many lighting systems that work with sunlight. THE solar wall light, for example, is attached to the vertical surface as if it were a sconce. Consumers can also find beacons, which are perfect for illuminating the paths of gardens, farms and sites. There are also kits on the market that allow both wall and ground installation.

One of the main solar light brands available on the market is Ecoforce. The manufacturer invests in a super-bright and long-lasting LED lighting system. Kits for the preparation of landscaping projects are also sold.

Prices and where to buy

The luminaires are found for sale in kits. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check below for prices and where to buy solar light🇧🇷

– Kit with 8 Small Stainless Steel Decorative Solar Lights – Ecoforce for R$ 129.90 at Walmart.

– Solar Light Beacon Pedra for R$ 46.90 at C&C.

– Solar Spot Inox Ecoforce lamp for R$ 39.00 at Walmart.

– Kit with 2 Solar Beacon Lights Key West DNI 6119 Blue Led for R$ 59.00.

– 2 LED Black Solar Light for R$79.90 at Walmart..

– Key West White 1 LED Solar Lamp for R$35.90 at Walmart.

– Libélula Solar Luminaire 1 Led DNI for R$ 56.10 at C&C.

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