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Solar eclipse of April 2023: which signs of the zodiac should be careful of its effects

As we get closer to first eclipse of 2023astrology recommends some signs to start taking forecasts because the effects of this spectacular phenomenon will be more noticeable.

Eclipses in astrology are magnified full and new moons so they imply radical changes and push us towards our destiny. The solar ones represent new beginnings, while the lunar ones end and closure of cycles.

The one we will witness next April 20 is a solar eclipse in Aries which, being the first zodiac sign, will detonate a more powerful energy for beginnings and openings.

What zodiac signs should take precautions from now on? According to astrologers predictions Aries, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn you will feel the influence of the solar eclipse in April in advance.

As the first solar eclipse of the year takes place in this sign, it is producing effects in advance. It is possible that Aries faces some problems before beginning cycles, therefore, they must be careful not to get into difficulties, that is, try to make previously analyzed decisions and not get carried away by their impulses.

Leo is the only sign ruled by the Sun, which is why this April eclipse will “cover up” its astrological qualities. This will translate into difficulties in having auspicious results at work. The feeling of frustration is the one that will abound in those of this sign, therefore, they must have more patience so as not to lose confidence in themselves.

Taking place in your Eighth House, it is possible that your mental abilities will “eclipse”, which means that you will feel more stress than normal. The Times Now News horoscope recommends that you maintain greater control in your expressions and avoid unnecessary conversations.

It is possible that the April solar eclipse in Aries will cause some problems at home associated with your financial situation. Consequently, the recommendation is to avoid unforeseen expenses and take care of savings.

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