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Sofia Wistam talks about growing up in Renée’s bridge – “I never knead”

The presenter Sofia Wistam opened up about childhood and the relationship with the father in the latest episode of the TV program “Renées brygga.” She shared a few anecdotes that showed a childhood that wasn’t exactly a bed of roses.

Photo: TV4

“He was very special, he was absolutely fantastic, but maybe he didn’t react the way others did,” says Sofia Wistam about her father when she is a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Renée’s bridge.

In the program, she talks about growing up in Stockholm’s archipelago, where she learned to deal with difficult situations early on. “If I fell in a wake for example, which happened a few times, then I picked myself up with ice spikes, went home and changed clothes. So extremely tough. I didn’t even say anything, because there was no reaction. I don’t think curling was invented in the 70s, says Sofia in the program.

Fed the cat with her fingertip

She also tells another anecdote when she once cut off two fingertips, which the father then fed to the cat. However, Sofia emphasizes that she has no need to hold her father accountable, even though she herself has chosen to do very differently in her own parenting. She describes herself as a curling parent, and that she loves doing things for her children.

At the same time, childhood has meant that she does not knead, she prefers to bite the bullet and cope with adversity on her own. “I never sweat, I never get depressed. I see everything very positively,” she says in the program. “I never complain, I handle things myself and bite the bullet.”

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