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Sofía Castro expresses her support for Pablo Lyle and talks about the special bond she has with the actor

Sofía Castro supports her friend and compadre, Pablo Lyle, in everything.

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Sofia Castro was blunt in expressing his support for the actor Paul Lyle with whom you have a very special bondand that it is living an unfortunate moment because last October it was found guilty of manslaughter and is currently awaiting sentencing in Miami, Florida.

It was during an interview for the program ‘Gossip No Like’, where the daughter of “Seagull” and the producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro He reiterated the affection he feels for the protagonist of ‘Mirreyes Vs Godínez’, whom he considers his brother and has his full support now that he is in prison.

“You know that Pablo Lyle is my brother and he has absolutely my full support, and will always have it,” he said.

In addition, she spoke of the special bond that unites her with Pablo Lyle and his entire family, since she is the godmother of the actor’s son, Mauro.

I am Mauro’s godmother. yes we are mates“Replied Sofia Castro.

However, the star of “Malverde: The Patron Saint” stressed that for now he does not want to talk about the subject anymore, although he made it clear that both the actor and Ana Araujo have her.

“The truth is that I prefer not to comment or say anything at all. The only thing I can say is that I love him, I love his family, I love Ana, his brothersobviously Mauro and Aranza, and they will always count on me”, he added.

Likewise, it agrees that the incident that changed the life of Pablo Lyle in March 2019 is a tragedy for the two families involved.

“Of course yes, it was obviously a misfortune on both sidesAnd Pablo will always have my support”.

And although the questions continued, the daughter of “La Gaviota” decided to put an end to it, reiterating that she is willing to give them her full support.

“I am not going to give absolutely any statement on such a strong and delicate subject and where it does not correspond to me. I respect Pablo and the whole family and his situation very much, and The only thing I’m going to say about it throughout the whole process is going to be that Pablo has my one hundred percent support. and I am with him and his family,” he added.

Finally, Sofía Castro avoided answering if she also helped the actor now that his relatives started a collection to cover the expenses derived from the legal process that takes place in Miami Florida, and thanked the public for their support, as he speaks of the affection they feel for the actor from 35 years.

“Yes, that has been very nice to see all the support and all the affection that he has and I think that this also shows the type of human being that Pablo is,” he said.

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