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Sofía Castro confesses that she is dismayed with the sentence of Pablo Lyle: “What happened was a disgrace”

Sofía Castro will continue to support Pablo Lyle.

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Sofia Castro She is one of the celebrities who has always expressed her support Paul Lyleand after making it known that the actor was sentenced to five years in prison has not been the exception, since he reiterated that will always be with him and his familyespecially now that they are living a real tragedy.

The actress’s daughter Angelica Rivera and the producer Jose Alberto Castro was direct in assuring that Pablo Lyle, who is also his compadreHe is a great human being and all this that he is experiencing is very unfortunate; however, she is willing to continue supporting him.

I know the great man and great human being that he isFor this reason, I do not like to comment because it is a very sensitive issue on both sides. It was unfortunate what happened. Pablo knows and his whole family knows that I am one hundred percent for him“, he expressed to various media at the Mexico City airport.

He explained that, despite the fact that he could not attend the court last Friday where the sentence for the actor was read, he considers him part of his family and shares the pain he is feeling at this time.

“That day I did not really want to speak because we were living a very strong moment, due to a personal matter I could not attend the sentence. But the same thing that I have always said and I will say: ‘Pablo is my brother and I will support him above all things and I will always be with him‘” he commented.

He confesses that he will wait for the moment when he can travel to Miami, Florida, to visit him in prison, because this is one more test of his friendship and he will never leave him because “friends prove themselves more in bad times than in good ones.”

“Pablo knows that I will always be with him.”

Sofia Castro

He agrees with those who say that what happened in March 2019 is a tragedy, and in the same way that he expressed it previously, he will always be present in the life of the actor and his family.

“It was a misfortune, it was literally a tragedy, just like on both sides, so I think it’s a super difficult issue, but since the accident happened four years ago they asked me, my position is always the same to be with him, for him and for his family“, Add.

For now, he has refused to reveal details about what he has spoken with Ana Araujo, Lyle’s wife, as he assures that he wants to respect the space that they are requesting at this time.

“I do not want to share any type of detail out of respect for their family, especially since I am not their spokesperson nor do I know what they want to talk about or share at the moment they want, they will do it and I I prefer to stay on the sidelines and she (Ana Araujo) knows that she can count on me forever.and, just like their children”.

She ended by stating that it was a tragedy for Pablo Lyle, but also for Mr. Juan Ricardo Hernández, who died days after the traffic incident, for which she only wants to be empathetic with both parties.

“As Ana (Araujo) said, this action does not define him as a person, I think that as human beings we have to be more empathetic in any situation because you never know if it can happen to you or some misfortune can happen to you, empathy is the most important thing that human beings should have”, highlighting the importance of enjoying life because we have nothing certain.

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