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Sofía Castro assures that the beauty of Angélica Rivera, “La Gaviota”, is natural: “I swear it is genetic”

Angelica Rivera.

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After it became known that Angélica Rivera and her daughters are obsessed with cosmetic surgeriesSofía Castro revealed if it is true that her famous mother and she They have resorted to the scalpel to look several years younger.

Despite the fact that she was completely out of the spotlight after her divorce from Enrique Peña Nieto, the Mexican actress who gained popularity for her role as “La Gaviota” in the telenovela ‘Destilando Amor’ continues to cause a stir every time she makes a public appearance or through social networks, being one of the most recent when her daughter, Sofía Castro, boasted about how much fun they had together during her birthday party, and shortly after she appeared posing with his friend and former acting partner Eduardo Yáñez; while on November 24 he stole glances during the family celebration of Thanksgiving with his ex, José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

Likewise, at the beginning of December, she attracted all eyes when she attended the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, in which she arrived wearing an expensive outfit that cost around $5,000 dollars; but this was not the only public appearance that he made, since shortly before it was the professional makeup artist Juan Sousa who shared a series of photographs of the moment in which he prepared “La Gaviota” for his big event, receiving a shower of compliments for looking more young than ever

However, speculation that several cosmetic surgeries have been performed arose after a publication in TVNotas magazine, where an alleged makeup artist assured that both La Gaviota and her daughters are obsessed with the scalpel.

That is why Sofía Castro once again came out in defense of her famous mother, clarifying before the camera of the “Ventaneando” program that nothing that is said is true, because although they are not against the aesthetic arrangements, so far it continues to be spectacular natural form.

I swear that neither my mother, nor I, nor anyone in the family are against surgeries.Not botox, not facials, not anything. I would tell them: ‘Yes, my mom made a few arrangements to stay beautiful,’ ”she said.

She stressed that she is also surprised that the actress continues to have a spectacular face at 53, but she attributes everything to genetics.

“Being her daughter, I am impressed by how spectacular my mother is without doing anything. I swear that she is genetic, my mother has always looked very young, younger than her age, I hope she inherited it from me ”.

Sofia Castro

And he ended up revealing what the secret of Angélica Rivera’s youth could be, in addition to assuring that she would like to look that beautiful over the years.

“Something that has benefited her is that as a girl never got the sun, never sunbathed his face, never. She doesn’t sleep with her makeup on, so I hope it’s genetic to be just like her, ”he explained.

Finally, the star of “Malverde: The Patron Saint” confessed that her mother is still single, but when she gets a new opportunity in love, she will be the one to expose her.

“Hopefully soon. Then I take a paparazzi if he has his Gavilan and I post it, obviously, ”she added.

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