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Sofía Castro and other celebrities react to the 5-year prison sentence for Pablo Lyle

Sofía Castro supports her friend and compadre, Pablo Lyle, in everything.

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This February 3 finally the time that Pablo Lyle will have to spend in prison was announced after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, therefore, shortly after the sentence was issued Some celebrities reacted on social networks and the media showing their full support for the actor.

This Friday afternoon the Mexican actor Pablo Lyle was sentenced to five years in prison, time in which the period that he has been under house arrest will be taken into account; to the above must be added 8 years probation and going to anger management therapy, as well as 500 hours of community serviceas judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez ruled after listening for nearly four and a half hours to the latest arguments of the actor’s legal team as well as relatives of both parties.

As expected, this news was one of the most commented on social networks, where there were all kinds of reactions, from those who applauded the sentence, considering it minimal, to those who questioned the justice system, assuring that it was very little for a man’s life.

Added to the comments were those of some celebrities who were in favor of the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘My adorable curse’, ‘La sombra del pasado’ and ‘Corazón que mente’, showing their support or with a message of encouragement for him and his family.

One of the first to show support was the actress Sofia Castrowho shared through the stories of his official Instagram account a photograph in which the two appear posing and next to the message “I love you, with you always“It was how he showed that he will continue to accompany him in this difficult moment.

Sofía Castro supports Pablo Lyle on social networks.  / Photo: Instagram Stories @sofia_96castro
Sofía Castro supports Pablo Lyle on social networks. / Photo: Instagram Stories @sofia_96castro

In addition, during an interview with various media, Ivonne Montero expressed her solidarity with the actor, who has spent a long time away from his family.

“We are all waiting, it is very difficult to comment on this situation, it is something that got out of hand. It has been a long time that he has been waiting trying to stay on his feet, being locked up there or the issue of family and separation. Finally, after so long waiting for the resolution. What happened was unfortunate, it was a second to lose your sanity”, in addition to wishing her spiritual and moral strength, the winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ ended by talking about the importance of controlling impulses to avoid this type of tragedy.

But it was not the only one, because during an interview the actor Salvador Zerboni He felt identified with Lyle, as he assured that he has also been a victim of his impulses.

“I wish you a pure blessing because what happened to you is something terrible. I say it because I was a very explosive person for many years, I feel in his shoes, It is something super critical, super sad because we all make mistakes, I, in particular, have made similar things. I wish him the best, I have prayed for him because he is a great friend, a great human being and we hope for God’s forgiveness. He has a divine family and they are waiting for him at work too ”, and he ended by inviting them to reflect on the acts that are committed without thinking.

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