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Sofa bed: models, prices, how to choose

Apartments nowadays are getting smaller and smaller, so we need to look for solutions to overcome the lack of space with intelligence and functionality. An item that can be very useful, especially for those who live in an apartment or house with few rooms, is the sofa bed, after all, it is difficult for those who have extra mattresses to be able to comfortably accommodate guests in case of having visitors. Better than offering a mattress on the floor is having a bed so that visitors feel more comfortable and enjoy the nights they spend in your home in a place designed for this. Another use of a sofa bed, especially now in winter when the days are colder, is to have a comfortable and warm little place in the living room to spend hours lying down, eating popcorn and watching good movies, or even reading a good book. If this is the missing item in your home, here are some models, prices and how to choose a sofa bed🇧🇷

The sofa bed can be a very useful item because it is functional. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

How to choose the ideal sofa bed model

Choosing the ideal sofa bed model for your home or apartment is a task that requires the item to match certain points so that the decor is harmonious and functional at the same time. Please note the measurements of the room before buy a sofa bed because if it is too big it is better to opt for a more compact model, remember that the room needs space for circulation, if any of the furniture is cramped it already gives the impression that the place is even smaller, unless your room is quite spacious, so you don’t have to worry about the dimensions of the chosen sofa bed. In all cases it is also important to opt for a color that matches the rest of the decoration, some people prefer strong colors that contrast, so it is necessary to evaluate your proposal to make the right choice. If you choose strong colors, make the rug, curtain and pillows “talk” to each other to make the impression that you were concerned with choosing each of these items.

Finally, choose a comfortable sofa bed, there are cheaper models, but not all are comfortable, test the sofa bed in the store, arrange it in the position you are going to use it lying down and lie down, it is important to do this. Because not always a beautiful and more expensive item will be the most comfortable. So that you have an idea to make your choice, we separate below a list with prices and where to find sofa beds:

Prices and where to buy sofa bed

We found many sofa bed models different and functional on the SOS Sofá website, the website sends you sofa fabric samples by mail, as well as making 3D projects for you to see how your living room would look with the products in the store. Check out some options below, really one more beautiful than the other!

Transformers line sofa: this item can be transformed into a bunk bed, ideal for homes with children. Price: R$ 2384.00, can be paid in 12 installments of 198.72.

Sofa bed that turns into a bunk bed! Very interesting and beautiful. (Photo: Disclosure)

Floral sofa bed, delicate for environments with lighter and more delicate decor. Price: R$ 1097.56, can be paid in 12 installments of 91.46.

Floral model sofa bed for delicate decorations. (Photo: Disclosure)

Sofa bed discreet model, ideal for those who already have other stronger decoration items in their living room or want a clean decoration. Price: R$ 1656.31, can be paid in 12 installments of 138.02.

Discreet sofa bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

All prices were consulted on 7/5/2013 and are subject to change according to store policy and stock availability.

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