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Social Networks Can Bring Relationship Problems

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is throw away your smartphone. Do it now. Throw it from the pier into the sea. If you’re not so brave, turn it off and put it somewhere in a drawer. You don’t need it, and it can really hurt your relationship if you’re not careful.

Why? Since social media is the main content that people access using their mobile phones, it distracts people from reality.

Everyone has heard the joke about a couple eating at a restaurant, updating their social media profiles and taking pictures of themselves and their food instead of following each other.

It’s a funny story when it’s someone else. But isn’t it funny when you ignore your partner and your relationship. This is a tragedy. Yes – people do this in restaurants and I see couples walking down the street looking at their phones instead of talking to each other. Research shows that ignoring your partner is a big factor in a breakup.

Do you know why it’s illegal to drive and text? Let me tell you – because if you don’t pay attention to your driving, you could crash, die and/or kill other people in the process. You can also lose control and kill him quickly if you don’t pay attention to your relationship.

Social networks can bring problems to the Relationship (photo reproduction/image/google)

Connect with people in the moment

Love and relationships are about connecting with someone else in the moment. The way you bond with your partner is by paying attention to them, looking them in the eyes, holding hands, touching each other and making each other laugh.

If you’d rather check your phone to see who’s been texting you or what your online friends are up to, what’s the point? How do you connect more deeply with your partner by looking at your phone the entire time?

As any scientist will tell you, love is a chemical. Why are we attracted to another person? Partly because of their physical characteristics, we find them attractive. Part of that is their personalities, the way they talk or laugh. Part of the reason is the chemical connection – their scent.

Although we don’t realize it, our attraction and connection to one another is largely based on subtle scents. This connection cannot easily happen over the Internet.

What has social media done for you?

Sit down and ask yourself – on paper – what has social media done for me? Write down your answers. List all the improvements in your life and relationships that have been improved using social media.

Social media can offer some legitimate advantages, especially for grandparents looking to share photos of their beautiful, handsome, adorable, and talented grandchildren with friends near and far. It’s not a problem.

Online dating can also use social media in a legal and useful way. If you live in a remote area and find it difficult to meet a lot of people, the internet and social media can help you find a date. Of course, there are many better ways to meet great people, and the best of them is the old-fashioned, authentic way – going out and living your life while interacting with interesting people.

That means joining a club or taking a class that puts you in a fun environment with other people.

Social media can also help you connect with others when you need to find a job. I have no doubts about that. But do this during business hours and be clear when defining these times.

Of course, if you’re spending the season at a research base in Antarctica, where your social group resembles a mission to Mars, social media can be a real lifesaver, remember the ten you work with and see it day after day Several scientists day after day, people who only shower once a week are not the only humans in the universe.

So I say, open that social media app! But if you, like most of us, live in a community of other people, then go out and actually see, meet and talk to some of them.

Life after love: no social media please!

But no matter how you find love, once you’re in a relationship, it’s time to turn off social media. Spend time with your partner, looking into his eyes, holding his hand, resting your head in his lap on the couch, snuggling with him in bed.

Cook your dinner together. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Take a car or bike ride. Swim together at the local pool.

Make a commitment to turn off your phone whenever you don’t need it – and that means in the evenings and at night when you should be paying attention to the person in front of you, rather than jumping every time a “status update” alert pings your phone. your telephone.

Otherwise, the message you send your partner is a powerful one – other people are more important to me than you are.

You might think that this is not the message you are sending. You might think that you are a happy, friendly, well-connected person. You might think that you are showing that you have many, many friends and that other people are really interested in your life and you are interested in theirs.

But the truth is, you’re ignoring your partner most of the time, which isn’t attractive, friendly, or sexy.

It’s time to stop bragging or complaining about your life through social media. It’s time to start your life – and your partner – in reverse.

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