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So you can use your cell phone as a control for the TV • ENTER.CO

If you belong to the group of people with Android phones, you have control of the television in your hands and perhaps you did not know it. There are two easy ways to turn your phone into a TV remote, we’ll show you how. The only condition is that you must have a television that also has an Android operating system.

For several years, the green android company launched the Android TV Remote application with which connecting a phone was a piece of cake. However, there are now ways to make it even easier and without the need for other applications. For this we will need Google TV, an application that comes pre-installed on most phones; yes it is the same app that you knew as Google Play Movies. This option is usually in the quick settings in the notification bar at the top of the phone.

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If you don’t find the function in the bar, you can search for it by pressing the pencil button located in the notification bar to edit the quick settings. The button we are looking for is called ‘TV remote’; you just have to drag it to appear in the bar. Now, you must enter this section and press the option “choose a device”; your TV should show up as long as it’s connected to the same mobile network your phone uses. It will be enough for you to select your TV and that’s it, now you can raise and lower the volume, turn the television on and off and change the channel. In addition, this remote control will allow you to write a text on TV.

If this method didn’t work for you for some reason, you can turn to Google Home. This app includes remote control option. The difference is that, when you enter the app, you will see that your TV always appears when it is linked to the same account; when you touch there you will see a button called ‘open remote’ and that’s it, you already have control for TV from your phone.

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