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So you can untag yourself from a conversation on Twitter • ENTER.CO

In early April we reported that Twitter had rolled out its new feature to untag you from a conversation you don’t want to be in to a few users. Now, the social network announced that the function is available from today to all users of the platform around the world.

The function is very simple. It was intended for those people who are stuck in a conversation that they don’t want to receive notifications from, or are tagged in a thread that they want to get out of. With the “do not mention” function, it will be much easier to leave the conversation where you were tagged. While your username will not stop appearing in tweets, it will no longer be a hyperlink and you will no longer get notifications when someone mentions you in the conversation.

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To try out the feature, the first thing to keep in mind is that the app needs to be up to date. To do this, you need to go to your device’s app store and confirm whether or not there is an update for Twitter. Once it’s updated you can go to the tweet where you want to remove your tag; Tap the three dots in the top right corner. Now the option ‘Leave this conversation’ should appear, when you press it you will see that your label no longer looks blue, but as one more word in the conversation.

This is not the first function implemented by the social network to maintain the security of its users. In September of last year, Twitter began testing an anti-abuse feature called “Safety Mode.” With it, users can filter abuse; Twitter then analyzes the interactions and blocks the accounts that send abuse, making it easier to manually block accounts. And although Elon Musk decided not to buy the social network, that does not stop the platform from continuing to integrate new features.

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