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So you can show TikTok what you like to watch • ENTER.CO

TikTok is a slightly different platform from the rest of the social networks you know so far. In cases like Instagram and Twitter you have to manually select feeds, follow others and people you know. Instead, TikTok uses an algorithm that allows you to select a highly personalized feed. You can thus teach this algorithm what you would like to see.

As you know, the main TikTok page is called ‘For You’ and that is what it really is, for you. In accounts that are relatively new it can be a challenge to be able to get something other than videos and content that are of interest to you. It is easier with old accounts, where the algorithm has managed to determine user preferences. This happens because the user teaches the algorithm with the same passage of time. At the beginning on the ‘For you’ page you will see the very viral videos of the most famous content creators of the social network. Now, if you want to customize this, there are a few steps you need to follow.

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Discover Page

If you still have the ‘Discover’ page active on your TikTok platform, you can use it to see current trends on this platform. At this time, the page is almost unused, since with the arrival of the Friends tab, you can get content from the people with whom you are connected on the social network. However, ‘Discover’ is still active, so if you have it you can use it. There you will be able to choose popular hashtags, sounds and effects to get started.

Find Topics

Without making use of the ‘Discover’ tab you will be able to get topics that you would like to explore. You just have to go to the ‘Search’ icon and see the suggestions that can come from previous or suggested searches that are surely associated with current trends.

activate the sound

The algorithm learns more and more about you. With each learning you will be able to see how it is updated to your liking. Many of these trends are based on sounds. They can be popular media clips, music, or even audio created by another user. At the bottom right of each video is a spinning circle icon. That’s where the sound resides, by clicking on it you can find another large number of videos that use that same sound.

Image: Cottonbro at Pexels.com

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