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So you can register to pay the property tax by installments • ENTER.CO

The District Secretary of the Treasury reminded the owners of residential and non-residential properties that there is an option to pay the Property Tax by installments. So, Colombians who choose the Voluntary Alternative Payment System for Quotas (SPAC)you have until Friday, July 8 to register and submit your initial statement at the Virtual Office.

The District offers this possibility to taxpayers interested in easing their flow of resources, through deferred payment in four equal installments and without interest. After this measure worked satisfactorily, this year it maintains its traditional modality for residential and non-residential properties. In response to the health crisis, a new category was created for economic sectors affected by the COVID emergency, such as hotels, restaurants and bars, among others. These owners will also be eligible no later than July 8 to start paying next year.

It is important to clarify that, at the time of making the initial Declaration in the Virtual Office, the taxpayer must choose between the normal SPAC and the COVID SPAC, which guarantees access to the benefit over the total tax. The first modality begins to pay from Friday, July 22, while the second modality begins on Friday, February 17. The following are the maturities scheduled for the 2022 term.

The following are the maturities scheduled for the 2022 term:

Normal SPAC: first installment: July 22; second installment: September 23; third installment: November 25, 2022, and fourth installment: January 20, 2023.

SPAC Covid: first installment: February 17; second installment: April 21; third installment: June 16, and fourth installment: August 25, 2023.

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To register, follow these steps: Enter the page of the Ministry of Finance, in the “virtual office” section; when you are there you will see several options, choose “Unified Predial Tax”. In this section you will find the two options “Property payment for installments affected by Covid 2021” and “Sign up for property payment 2022 for installments”; choose the one you want to sign up for. There you must enter with your username and password, if you still do not have you will have to register.

When you enter, you must select the “taxpayer” option; In the new menu, in the upper bar select the option “declarations” followed by “generate declaration”. In the form that appears, choose the “property” box and the “taxable year 2022”; By clicking here you will see the properties that are in your name. Choose the option “generate declaration” in the property you want to pay; verify that the information is correct.

At the bottom you will see the “calculate” option, then press “ok”; In the signature section you must select “sign only” if you are a natural person or “sign and add” if you are a legal person. After confirming all the information, press the “SPAC” button, followed by “accept”. Now, you will see the amount to be paid and the payment date for each of the four installments. To finish, select “submit tax return” and the system will automatically download the PDF.

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