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So you can put ‘hidden number’ from your iPhone • ENTER.CO

Surely, at some point you have received a call that does not allow you to see the number from which they are calling you; something like: ‘hidden number’ usually appears on the screen. Although these types of numbers come mainly from companies, they can also be used by natural persons. If you are a team iPhone, we will teach you how to hide your number.

Sometimes we may not want our number to be known by the person we are calling, either because it is someone you do not know or because it is a company, etc. Therefore, we are going to explain the two methods that exist; with one you can hide the number in a single (or in each) call, with the other method you can hide it for all calls.

Your hidden number for a single call

It should be noted that this method works for any type of cell phone, not only with iPbone, as it is one of the most classic procedures to hide a number. To do this, you must use the prefix #31# before the number you will call. That is, if you are going to make a call, write #31# and followed by the phone number you will call. Now the person will not know who you are.

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Hide your number for all calls

Although this procedure is a little ‘longer’, it is with it that you will be able to hide your number for all the calls you make from now on. Basically, what we will do is deactivate the function that allows us to identify ourselves when calling. To do this, you must go to ‘Settings’ and look for the ‘phone’ option. Once you enter there, slide through the menu and look for the option ‘show caller ID’, it will be enough for you to deactivate the button.

Now when you call the next person, they won’t be able to know who is calling them. For your part, you will not see any change when making the call, in fact, you may forget that you have deactivated the option that identifies you. Remember that if you want to be visible to your contacts again when you make a call, you must repeat the same procedure and leave the option active.

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