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So you can know how your contacts have saved you • ENTER.CO

Camila university”, “Mateo I work”, are some of the contacts that I have saved on my cell phone and surely, you will also have a couple of contacts like that. Many times when until now we are getting to know a person or to remember where we know him from, we save them with all kinds of names. Of course the people who have my contact will also have added another word to my name.

Searching on the internet “how to know the name with which my contacts save me” I found two solutions that will surely help you if you also want to know it. The first one is pretty straightforward but probably hasn’t occurred to you. It will be enough for you to ask the person to send you your contact; an excuse like ‘I forgot what my number is’ will suffice. By doing so, the number will be sent with the name under which it has saved you.

It should be clarified that the contact must be sent from the WhatsApp function. That is, from your chat you must enter the clip located at the bottom from where you can send several files. There you will find the option ‘Contact’ from there it searches for you and sends the contact, otherwise it will not work.

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The second option is much more efficient and complete but requires you to install a third-party application. This is GetContact available for both Android and iOS. Once you download it, you must allow the app permissions after reading them and if you agree. Then it will ask for your cell phone number, they will send you a confirmation code to WhatsApp; once you have completed it, it will ask you to put labels on your contacts; this is optional. You will be able to see the list of your contacts and how other people have saved them. Under your contacts you will see a section called ‘My labels’ where all the names with which they have saved you are.

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