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So you can find out which areas of the world have mobile network coverage • ENTER.CO

We know that in Colombia there is hardly any mobile network coverage in 52% of the country, while in developed countries the percentage reaches 95% coverage. Browsing between internet pages, I found a portal that allows you to know the mobile network coverage in any country you want. This is how you can describe the page, but how real is this?

Nperf, is the name of the page that allows you to see a “3G/4G AND 5G coverage map”. When testing it, I found only one limitation: the coverage is shown by mobile operator. That is, when viewing the map of Colombia, it will be shown to you depending on the operator you have chosen, for example, Tigo. What surprised me is that I tried it in at least four different countries and it works; Well, I can’t guarantee that the data is exact in all countries, but at least the points of coverage vary from country to country and between operators.

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If you also want to know how much mobile network coverage there is in Denmark, he explained how to do it. First, you must enter the web page and you will find two green buttons that are actually lists; in one you can choose the country and in the other the operator. You must bear in mind that the website is developed in English, so the list of countries is organized according to the acronym of the country in English. For example, you will find: US United States, for United States.

After you select the operator, the map will appear automatically. You will be able to see various points throughout the country you selected, at the bottom of the map you will find what each color means. They are divided precisely by 3G, 4G and 5G. Finally, if you also want to know the internet speeds offered by each operator, all you have to do is select the country and operator and select ‘Reception speeds’. This button is located at the top right of the page.

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