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So you can download books from Telegram’s “Secret Library”

Surfing through Twitter, I came across a tweet that will help me save some money. “Hello, I have come to remind you that if you search for “Secret Library” on Telegram and put in the chat that appears the title of the book that you want, a bot sends you the book in pdf to download for free, which is always precious to read in physical format, but very expensive, a kiss ”. It was read in the tweet that was later deleted.

Of course I went to Telegram to check it out. When searching for “Secret Library” on the platform, I found several chats with the same name followed by a number in parentheses. I knew which ones were correct because below they are also classified as ‘bot’. Enter “30”, I gave it ‘start’, I did the whole procedure, but after putting the name of the book it kept sending the same message from the beginning: “bot with the function of downloading pdf”.

I entered “(116)” , as soon as I started the procedure, the bot informed me that I could search by author, title or series and it would show me some suggestions in return. I searched for “The empty book” and it showed me the book I needed with the buttons ‘Information’, ‘read online’, ‘Epub’, ‘Mobi’. In information I could see the name of the author, the year and other relevant information about the book. In Read Online, he took me to a page where I could actually read it online. In Epub, he sent me the book in Epub format to read from any device, the same as in Mobi.

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It is true, there are “Secret Libraries” on Telegram, but what is not true is the format in which the books can be downloaded. Unfortunately it does not have the possibility of downloading in PDF, at least not in the ones I tried. But, if you don’t have a Kindle or a program that allows Epub files, there are two options to read it.

How to read Epub files

There are some programs or applications that you can install on your devices, you can find them in the application stores. I prefer the Epub reader chrome extension. Its operation is quite intuitive. Once you have installed the extension, you enter it and it takes you to a new page, on the upper left side you will see a menu of options from where you can upload the file you want to read. And if you definitely want to read in PDF format, you can use online converters to convert from Epub to PDF format.

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