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So you can customize the sound of notifications in Telegram • ENTER.CO

Sometimes the default sounds that some apps offer us, especially those for instant messaging, can become boring or tire the user easily. Thinking of people who like variety and have sound notifications, Telegram has added a new feature.

In its version 8.7 it included the option to customize notifications according to your taste. Until now, the application allowed us to change the sound based on a short list established by the app. Now, you can use the sound you want, you can even use voice messages.

The first thing to keep in mind when changing the sound of notifications is that, if you are going to select a voice memo, it cannot exceed 5 seconds in length. In fact, no long audio is allowed; the sound you choose must not exceed 300kb.

To do so you must access the options that you find in any chat, in the menu choose the option ‘Telegram tones’ and select the audio you want from your phone library. On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefers that notifications do not emit a sound, Telegram has also thought of you.

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This update has been available for a while longer, an option that you can also choose by entering the same route. Added to this is the possibility of temporarily muting chats; that is, now you can pause the conversations you want for a specific time.

New options in Telegram

This is not the only novelty that landed on Telegram. With version 8.7 of the app, the message forwarding feature has also changed. Now, the information of the answers will be kept so that even out of context, the message is understood. On the other hand, the number of languages ​​available in the app for IOS devices has increased.

To get these and more updates to the application you must keep it up to date. To do this, you must enter the application store of your device, search for the app and update it if it is not already there.

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