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So you can ask Google to delete your personal information • ENTER.CO

Did you know that you can now ask Google to remove your personal information from search results? Well, recently there is a new mechanism that you can use to do it.

Google announced a new tool that streamlines the process of deleting this data. This is important to know especially when in a search you get information as personal as contact or personal identification. The process is quite simple, if you have an Android phone you can open the Google app and go to your profile picture.

There, an option called “Results about you” will be displayed in the menu. In this you will be able to get a page that explains how to request Google to eliminate these results that have your personal information.

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If while browsing by chance you get a result that contains information such as your email or home address or your identification. There you can touch the three points to display a menu that contains the option “About this result” and there the option “Delete result” opens, this is the way to ask Google to delete your information. Once you follow this process you will have the option to follow the removal process of the result. You also have access to a panel where you can see all your requests.

In this same panel you can filter by status such as “In progress” or “Approved”. On this same page you will get a tutorial with which you can make a new request by following a tutorial that will help you determine the reason why you want to delete a result. The options you get are:

  • Show my personal contact information.
  • It shows my contact with the intention of harming me.
  • Show other personal information
  • Contains illegal information
  • It is outdated

This option is in the implementation phase by Google, so it is expected to be available worldwide in the coming months. For now, it is known that it has appeared for some users who are in Europe and the United States.

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