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So you can adopt dogs and cats online • ENTER.CO

The mayor’s office of Bogotá announced that the Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare (IDPYBA) renewed its website from where Bogotá citizens can adopt dogs and cats. Within the renovations, improvements were stipulated to facilitate the choice of pets and the application of families who want to take them home.

Said like this, the page now shows more information about the characteristics and peculiarities of both cats and dogs. Likewise, an estimated response time and delivery time of the animal to the adopters are shown. You will be able to see photos of the animals, their breed, size, age and clinical and behavioral characteristics.

How to carry out the adoption process

  1. Enter the IDPYBA adoption website
  2. There you will find a short form where you can set the preference of species, age and special conditions. By giving ‘Search’ you will see that the applied filters will show the animals that fit your preferences.
  3. When you are convinced of the dog or cat you want to adopt, you can press the button (‘Adopt’) and start filling out the form.
  4. The IDPYBA adoption team will contact you by phone or WhatsApp to continue with the process.

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You must bear in mind that, if the team does not receive a response from you by any of the two means mentioned above, the process will be terminated. On the other hand, if your profile is suitable for adoption, you will be sent a second form that you must fill out within two days. That is, the process would last four days depending on the case.

“Those who take home dogs or cats with special behavior conditions can count on the guidance and accompaniment of the team of experts in the field to achieve proper handling, correct undesirable behaviors and/or provide basic training guidelines that contribute to responsible ownership. .”, argued the mayor.

Image: Unsplash

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