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So you can activate and deactivate Google Discover on your cell phone • ENTER.CO

We know that you have Google Discover on your cell phone, but do you know how to deactivate or activate it? Let’s start by knowing a little more about this tool that you have on your Smartphone.

Google Discover is designed to show you a lot of content that you may be looking for. The idea is that you don’t have to search a lot, but that the content reaches you according to your preferences. This tool is on your Android phone and you can see it every time you scroll to the left until you see a feed with the content. From Google it is explained that this app shows you the latest “news” about your interests, they may well be your sports teams, favorite websites and even news.

In order to decipher your interests, this app uses the function Web and App Activity with which your behavior on sites and apps is saved. In this way, it manages to make better recommendations and more precise suggestions. If one of the news that Google Discover shows you is to your liking, you just have to click on the heart of the publication. This way you will receive more similar news.

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If a content displayed by the apps If you don’t like it, then you should click on the three vertical dots icon. Some options will be displayed there, such as: I am not interested, I am not interested in the subject, do not show news from this medium or do not show content in English. Choose the one that suits your preference. But if you definitely want to disable Google Discover on your cell phone, then you should:

  • Open the Google application and click on your profile picture.
  • There you must go to Setting
  • Then click on General in the menu and disable the button Discover either Discover

With this step it should be disabled automatically. At the same time, the content would stop being displayed neither on the last Android screen nor in the Google app.

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