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So often you need to buy new panties

Do you know how long you can use the same panties and when it’s time to replace them with new ones? We clear up all the ambiguities!

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As you know, our washing habits have an impact on how well and how long our clothing survives. When it comes to underwear, it is important to follow the washing instructions and wash at high enough heat to get rid of any bacteria. They should also be completely dry before use.

Follow the washing instructions

However, you do not need to replace your old panties as long as they are fresh and intact. There is no evidence that older underwear would increase the risk of vaginal infections or allergy symptoms. However, it is important to wash your underwear according to the washing instructions after each use!

Choose the right material and detergent

When it comes to underwear, you should choose materials that are the right size so as not to trap moisture, and choose all-cotton underwear. Cotton has good breathability and does not trap moisture in the same way as synthetic materials. From an allergy and environmental point of view, it is also good to choose fragrance-free variants that take the environment into account when it comes to detergents.

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