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Snapchat for Web Now Available Worldwide • ENTER.CO

From now on you can use Snapchat for Web on your computer without any restrictions.

This feature, which was activated in July, was not available except for some countries and only for Snapchat+ subscribers. Now it is possible that all users of the app in the world can use it. This is good news for those who have to send continuously or write a lot, because it will certainly be easier now.

Don’t get too excited either, the interface of Snapchat for Web is quite simple, yet efficient. In this you can send photos and make audio and video calls as it happens in the application. In fact, a Snapchat spokesperson said that video calls are becoming a widely used tool among users of the platform. So giving access to the web option would make video calls longer.

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It depends on the demand made by users that in the coming weeks or months the main functions of the interface will be activated in Snapchat for Web. Another piece of information that you should know is that Snapchat launched a series of widgets. These are intended for the lock screen for iPhones that already have iOS 16. With these widgets, users will be able to create shortcuts for their conversations. Possibly, for the people with whom they talk most frequently.

That is, these widgets will work as shortcuts. Precisely the Snapchat app has new shortcuts that you can use from the chat page. This will make it easier for users to access unread chats, friend chats, or replies to stories. With these same dates of birthdays or conversations to which you have not responded can be shown. Additionally, the spokesperson said that soon (if not already) users will be able to use Stickers to place on their stories and Snaps.

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