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smooth and hydrated hair for months

Looking for smooth, hydrated and shiny hair? The progressive brush may be what you need. We explain everything about this method to you.

How long does it take to pante in the morning? And fixing your hair to go out to dinner? But what if we told you that she can keep her hair smooth, hydrated and shiny for months thanks to progressive brush?

This natural and long-lasting straightening method replenishes the keratin levels that your hair may lack, regardless of type. Damaged, painted, frizzed or curled, the progressive brush will definitely save you a lot of time when it comes to getting ready.

If you’re thinking about doing it, or if you didn’t know this method yet, we’ve got it all figured out!

What is the progressive brush?

The Progressive Brush is a semi-permanent hair treatment that smoothes and reduces the strands of your hair.

It consists of the application of a liquid product with fibrous protein, which will create a protective layer on the wires, while coating the cuticles to make them appear thicker, smoother and shiny.

This treatment is mainly chosen by women with wavy hair or curls, however it can be done on all hair types. Its effect results in a progressive straightening, that is, it smoothes the strands more and more with each application.

How long does its effect last?

The progressive brush can last between 3 and 6 months, depending on your hair type and the type of treatment.

Who is it for?

The progressive brush is intended for all hair types. However, the results are particularly visible and longer-lasting on frizzy or curly hair.

Who can’t?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this treatment is not recommended.

Likewise, those who are sensitive to any component of the formula used in the treatment should stay away from this type of straightening. Get advice from the chosen professional and clear your doubts.

Types of progressive brush

Today there are different types of progressive brush. Although the techniques are identical, the active principles are different, as well as the indication for the type of hair.

The main difference lies in the percentages of the straighteners and their aromas. Check out the main ones:

The chocolate brush helps to reduce the volume, smooth the wires and leave them soft. In the composition of the products used are cocoa extract and caffeine, which will leave your hair with an enviable smell.

It lasts approximately three months.

The definitive brush, also known as Japanese straightening, manages to change the structure of the wires and create a more lasting smooth effect that does not come off with washing.

This treatment can last more than six months or until your hair grows naturally.

Essentially composed of white clay and cocoa oil from Morocco, which help with hydration and nutrition, while formaldehyde is responsible for smoothing the hair.

Thanks to its oils, in addition to smoothing, the Moroccan brush will also moisturize your hair. As it replenishes nutrients, it creates a protective film around the hair and retains water.

It lasts an average of two months.

Ideal for controlling the frizz and volume of your hair, the strawberry brush is especially suitable for wavy hair or hair that is more difficult to finish.

It is rich in vitamin C and, therefore, strengthens and gives more flexibility to the look.

Its duration is two to three months.

The English brush is known for not having formaldehyde in its composition, a strong chemical component.

It promises to smooth, hydrate and define strands, while bringing extra shine to your hair. The result is a more natural smooth through the action of amino acids, keratin and albumin present in the products.

It can last between two to four months.

care to be taken

Although the chemical elements that are present in the products are fundamental for the result, it is important to carry out this treatment in a trusted space, and with professional products.

We also recommend that you do not tie or wet your hair for three days after straightening. After this period, it is recommended to avoid washing every day in order to maintain the product.

After starting this treatment, hydration is essential. At home, bet on the use of masks or ampoules.


Haskell Post Progressive Mask

This mask was developed with a mix of oils rich in amino acids and antioxidants.
It is ideal for prolonging the smooth look of hair with a progressive, permanent brush or straightening.


Haven’t heard of the progressive brush yet? Why not try it?

Take into account your goal and hair type and schedule this treatment at your salon. Save time when fixing and bet on a new look.

We are sure it will rock!

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