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Smartphone sales collapse in the world

The sale of Smartphones around the world is experiencing a general downward trend. A report published by the International Data Corp (IDC) consultancy shows that demand fell by 8.7% in the second quarter of 2022.

There is a caveat to this statistic, and that is that the drop in demand is having little effect on the more expensive models of these devices. Another factor to analyze is that most users are extending the use of their devices longer. That is, they are not making the decision to buy new devices as frequently as before. According to the study of this firm, the causes for which this phenomenon is presenting are due to several factors.

In the first place, the increase in inflation is hitting purchasing power and users are choosing to avoid expenses as a forecast. Second, the lockdowns in China are preventing more dynamism in the purchase of products. And, thirdly, there is a feeling among users that cell phone models are very similar to each other. All this is affecting the sale of Smartphones.

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The results of this report show that Samsung continues to be the leader in cell phone manufacturing with 22% of the market in sales. Followed by Apple with 16% and the third place corresponds to Xiaomi with 14%. The latter manufacturer said that its device shipments fell by 26% between April and June 2022. This compared to the same period a year earlier. This brand justified this level of decline because the Chinese market is being affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns. In addition, there is an increase in food and fuel.

The other factor has to do with the useful life of the devices. Surveys conducted by the consultancy Kantar revealed that consumers between 2015 and 2019 had increased their perception of the useful life of smartphones. Instead of about 20 months to exceed two years. It also reveals that high-end devices costing more than $1,000 grew in sales in the first quarter.

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