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Smart home lighting that you can install in minutes

Light indoors, but above all in our lives, is of great importance. When it comes to home lighting, I’m a total climber. Although so far I had to adapt to the existing solutions, most of which were “one chandelier in the center of the room”. Today I wanted to show you WiZ smart home lighting, with which we changed the lighting, adjusting it to our lifestyle. No change of electrics, but installation takes a few minutes.

The role of light in interiors and in our lives

We operate on the basis of a daily cycle inextricably linked with sunlight. From the morning, light with a cold color temperature prevails, which favors concentration and action. In the afternoon and evening it turns into warm light, which in turn promotes relaxation and relaxation.

The location of the interior in relation to the sides of the world, as well as this cold and warm color of light affect how we perceive a given interior, what the colors of the walls, furniture and accessories look like. Everything is related to itself and related to light. Therefore, in addition to how many lighting points we have and how they are arranged, it is important what color temperature they have. And thanks to WiZ bulbs, we can adjust it ourselves depending on how we want to spend our time at the moment.

Smart home lighting every day

So far, WiZ bulbs have been installed in the living room, on the stairs and in the children’s room. Importantly, you do not need an electrician or change the electrical installation to start them. You just screw the bulbs on because they fit into the standard threads. You turn on the light and it’s almost ready. The second step is to download the application that controls the lighting. There are already a lot of configuration options and it is impossible to tell about all the options. But I will show you how it works at home.


In the living room we have filament bulbs with a color temperature from warm to cold. These bulbs look beautiful even when turned off. But that’s not their only plus.

In addition to changing the color of the light, we can also set the brightness level, schedule (eg every day at 21:00 the “bedtime” mode is activated) or choose one of the ready modes, eg for meditation or watching movies. There is also a holiday mode, thanks to which we can simulate the presence at home also during trips. In addition, the option of a bedside lamp, which gives the most dimmed light, but just perfect at night.

In the photos below you can see the same evening frame in cold and warm light.


The second place where we installed WiZ bulbs was the lighting above the stairs. And in addition to light bulbs, we also have a motion sensor. Thanks to WiZ it was possible without changing the installation.

Here, too, we chose filament bulbs suited to the wall lamps and added this room to the application. Then we added a motion sensor to it and assigned it to a given room. The sensor controls all the lights in the room and detects movement within 3 meters. Super simple and most importantly – it works!

Using the application, we can program the sensor to start different lighting modes depending on the time of day, set the time after which it should turn off, or switch to a different operating mode. In addition, of course, you can control the bulbs themselves – set the color temperature, brightness level or night lamp mode.

The motion sensor on the stairs is something I appreciate especially in the evening and at night, when the little ones are scurrying over them. But it can also be installed in the vestibule, garage or even in the bathroom. The sensor can be mounted to the wall, but we can put it anywhere, e.g. on a shelf.

Childrens room

The children’s room is dominated by a colored light bulb. In addition to adjusting the color of light, we can choose from many lighting colors. For children, it is a real paradise, but also a sense of security when they can fall asleep in dim light. With a colored light bulb, there are plenty of ready-made modes, and you can also search for a color yourself.

We also use the remote control in the children’s room. Thanks to this, they can switch between preset modes on their own (without our phones). With one click, you can also turn on the night lamp mode and brighten / dim the light. The remote control, like the sensor, can be assigned to any room.

The bulbs can be turned off using the application or the classic switch. I have posted a few videos on Instagram showing how it works. Be sure to take a look to feel what the possibilities are offered by these bulbs.

I love these products! And I think that in the 21st century everyone deserves to have such lighting at home. And you use such intelligent lighting every day? Which solution did you like the most?

The entry’s partner is WiZ

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