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Smart contact lenses will show you a new reality • ENTER.CO

The future has arrived. The Mojo Vision company developed smart contact lenses that could be rivals for cell phones. What was previously only possible to see in science fiction movies is about to become a reality.

Originally intended for augmented reality, these lenses work like a full electronic device. The objective of this new technology is to compete with Smartphones. In principle, this contact lens will show augmented reality in a more practical way. To do this, the developers incorporated a MicroLED screen with a resolution of 14,000 dots per inch. This screen is imperceptible to the human eye, it is the smallest and densest screen in the world.

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One of the challenges faced by the designers of these contact lenses was to customize the integrated circuits for specific applications. This lens has a 5 GHz radio and an ARM Core M0 processor that transmits sensor data from the lens and outputs augmented reality (AR) content to the screen. Also included with this invention were an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer that have a completely custom configuration. Its function is to continuously track eye movements so that the augmented reality images remain fixed.

To function, smart contact lenses use a patented power management system that includes medical-grade micro-batteries and an integrated circuit. Users will be able to control this slow motion with an eye-tracking-based interface, allowing them to access content and select items without manual controls or gestures. It is still premature to have a market release for these lenses. The developer company must still meet various requirements such as approval from the health authorities. You must also solve problems or details that the glasses still have.

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