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Small house plans, models

To avoid suffering with small and cramped houses, the ideal is to look for an architecture professional, to make a project that fits in your pocket and that maximizes the available space. The smaller houses are excellent for singles or couples without children, as they are practical, comfortable and cozy. The floor plan is the professional’s way of showing the future owner of the property how the product will look after construction is completed. It is at this moment that doubts must be removed, to avoid unpleasant surprises. No matter how small the house is, its design must meet the basic needs of its owner.

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Example of a small house (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Balance is essential when building a small house

Through house plan it is possible to start thinking about the environments. Balance is essential in small spaces, therefore, the house should not take up the entire extension of the land, so that you can have an outdoor area to receive friends, grow plants and even have a pet. For those who intend build a small house and is looking for projects and plans In this segment, we separate some suggestions below:

Small house project (Photo: Disclosure)

The house above allows the residents, in the future, to do an expansion work. THE small residence it has 60 m² of internal area and 40 m² of external area. For couples and small families, with only one child, the space is perfect, allowing integration and a large backyard, making it possible to spend quality time with friends. And later, if necessary, you can still expand the residence.

Small house plan (Photo: Disclosure)

The plan of this 60 m² residence allows you to see the modular structure of the project, which was mentored by architect Luiz Henrique. For this professional, it is essential to save space when choosing a project for a small home, without forgetting comfort and beauty. The project above shows that the small and modern houses can be part of your reality.

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small house decoration

At construction of a small house decorative elements need to be included in the project. A wall with a different texture, as well as the door and window frames, make all the difference. Floors, tiles and coatings should be designed together with your home’s decorator and architect. To get some ideas, check out some small house plans🇧🇷

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