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Small decorated bathrooms

check out Small decorated bathrooms🇧🇷 Small bathrooms can be decorated in different ways, some decorating techniques can even give the feeling that the bathroom is wider. You can invest in decoration spending little or a lot, just be creative and stay within your budget is easy with the ideas that we are going to suggest. A boring small bathroom can have a new face with a well-done decoration and the most interesting thing is that some changes you can do yourself, without needing a professional to put them into practice.

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Small decorated bathrooms – There are several ways to take advantage of the space and improve the decoration of your bathroom (Photo: Disclosure)

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Small decorated bathrooms

check below tips for small decorated bathrooms🇧🇷

  • To gain more space you can: change the sink furniture for a base/pedestal of dishes; Choose a nice sink that is taller, shorter and narrower; Buying a small bathtub might be an option; Wider tiles and lighter colors give more space and dark colors give a feeling of tightness;
  • Medicines, perfumes and makeup should stay out of small bathrooms. These environments suffer many temperature fluctuations, which can spoil the products.

You can take advantage of the space with shelves and overhead cabinets (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Recommends that only essential things, such as personal and oral hygiene products, remain in the bathroom.
  • Storing all the towels in the bathroom, for example, takes up too much space and is unnecessary.
  • Bet on baskets to store objects and small shelves on the walls multiply the spaces.

A good tip for those who have a small house or want to take advantage of the space in the bathroom is to place the built-in washing machine on the sink counter (Photo: Disclosure)

  • There are, in the market, shelves and baskets with suction cups, which are practical, because, to fix them, it is not necessary to drill the wall.
  • When organizing the bathroom, objects should be grouped according to frequency of use, always leaving what is most used at hand.

Transparent boxing is the best choice for the small bathroom (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Using sliding doors, both at the entrance to the bathroom and in the shower room, can save a lot of space.
  • Light shades are the right bet for enlarging the bathroom.

You can take advantage of the space with sliding doors on the sink counter.

  • For decoration, it is worth betting on bands or pastilles. Some are self-adhesive and you can apply them yourself at home.
  • The objects don’t have to be the same hue, but the matrices should talk to each other.

Mirrors can enlarge the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Mirrors are not just for checking your appearance. They have a special function in decoration: to give the impression that the space is bigger.
  • Invest in transparent and smooth boxing to give more visual space to the place.

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Light colors enhance the ambiance.

  • Don’t fall into the temptation of spreading too much furniture around the bathroom. Always think about combining comfort and practicality.

Small Decorated Bathrooms Photos

Check out several photos of small decorated bathrooms🇧🇷

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