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Small Beauty Salon Decoration

THE small beauty salon decor must be planned thinking about making the best use of the space. It is necessary to combine the elements in an appropriate way to obtain a harmonious environment. Furniture, colors and accessories must strike a perfect balance for the establishment to be beautiful and comfortable.

Small Beauty Salon Decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

The beauty salon is a beautification space. In it, cuts, tinctures, straightening, hydration, among many other services are performed. In addition to taking care of hair, nails and skin, people also look for some moments of relaxation and comfort at the beauty salon.

To make the small beauty salon more beautiful and pleasant, it is very important to pay attention to the decoration. Simple measures make all the difference and help optimize the size of the environment.

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What this article covers:

Small Beauty Salon Decoration

Check out the tips below small beauty salon decor🇧🇷

Light and neutral colors

One way to encourage the feeling of spaciousness in the beauty salon is to bet on light and neutral colors, such as white. This tone must be present on the furniture and walls.

Decorate the hall in light colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

Planned Furniture

The planned furniture manages to take advantage of every corner of the beauty salon, especially the vertical space. This furniture pattern is also an excellent bet for keeping the establishment always organized.

straight furniture

If it is not possible to invest in custom furniture, then at least buy furniture with straight lines. Distribute the furniture in the environment thinking about the perfect fittings and without harming circulation.

The arrangement of furniture cannot interfere with circulation. (Photo: Disclosure)


The environment can be decorated with wallpaper, as long as the chosen print contributes to the feeling of spaciousness. Vertical stripes represent a great solution.

many mirrors

You can line an entire wall with mirrors. This strategy reinforces the beauty salon proposal and also manages to expand the environment through reflection. Pieces without frames are the most recommended.

The mirrors give amplitude to the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

clear lighting

White light, when combined with light walls, helps to make the environment brighter and wider. This clarity will certainly facilitate the work of hairdressers and other beauty professionals.


In the case of a small beauty salon, it is very important to make minimalist choices, that is, to follow the concept that “less is more”. Exaggerating the amount of decorative objects can pollute the environment and further reduce the space.

THE small beauty salon decor needs to be smart and planned very carefully. Take advantage of the tips and transform the look of your business.

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