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small bathroom designs

You bathrooms Small ones also need organization to make the environment harmonious. Therefore, the projects must be thought through calmly, taking into account the available space and the countless possibilities for this special place in the house. Some painting techniquesplacement of tiles and other pieces of this room make it appear to have a larger space than it actually has.

An excellent alternative for not leaving the bathroom claustrophobic. As it is very small, this part of the house can have sliding doors, a vat according to the size of the wall and forget about the columns, they compromise the space for locomotion. Abuse the color white, because it gives that feeling of space. For the floor one detail is important. in the project of Renee Sbranafor example, the Restroom it has an ipê deck covered with epoxy paint and are grouped into four removable modules and arranged on waterproofed cement.

The decoration specialist, Viviane Cunha, used mirrors to cover the bathroom walls pictured above. This alternative also makes the environment wider. The colorless glass inserts placed on the floor, always in a light color, make the place more harmonious.

White is often the preferred choice for designers and architects when it comes to small bathrooms. In the image above, once again this tone was fundamental to make the place aesthetically larger. in the project of Ana Paula Belizario the ceramics gave a delicate air, as well as the colorful details.

Antonio Ferreira Júnior and Mário Celso Bernardes made a bathroom design interesting, where in addition to using light-colored pieces, they managed to visually lengthen the walls with a simple alternative. The tiles are the secret of the room, together with the soft and fine grout, which give the impression that the place is bigger than the measurements of the property plan.

What this article covers:

Highlight of the Bathroom

The small bathroom needs to have a highlight to attract more attention, but remember that the bathroom is small, so it cannot contain large furniture or dark colors.

Here are some suggestions of what can stand out in your bathroom:

bathroom cladding

Adding a little color and style to the bathroom doesn’t hurt and isn’t tacky, that is, if you want to put colored coating on all the walls of the bathroom, it will look beautiful and you won’t need to fill it with furniture.

Invest in a Cabinet

The cabinet can be the key piece of your bathroom, even more so if it is made with demolition wood, as in the image above, your bathroom will definitely be beautiful and full of style, just believe and be inspired.

Support for Shampoos makes a Difference

The masonry niche is on the rise in modern bathrooms. The most used niches are built-in ones, they don’t stand out from the coating, they are built in in a very charming way, giving more style to the small bathroom.

Style and Sophistication

The sawmill worktop is perfect with a carved tub, you can also opt for other sinks and assemble the bathroom in your style, according to the decor. To give style and sophistication to the small bathroom, you don’t need to fill it with accessories and furniture, the small details make the difference.

Small Bathroom Designs

Small bathroom designs have been highly appreciated, as architects have shown themselves to be increasingly interested in developing this type of design. With properties becoming more and more compact, small property projects have been gaining space in the construction and decoration market. If you have a small bathroom and want a quality project, hire an architect and trust him to do an excellent job.

Regardless of who will design your Restroom, to make it harmonious, as much as possible, do not buy large, exaggerated pieces, avoid dark colors, do not mix too many colors and accurately calculate the measurements of the items you buy, so as not to run the risk of making a bad choice, incompatible with the ideal arrangement of the items so that your bathroom is as spacious as possible.

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