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Small bathroom decorating ideas

small bathrooms may seem like an invitation to minimalism. Those who like the basics can invest in what the wardrobe dictates: toilet, sink, shower and a box if necessary. But, to leave the place with your face it is essential to make some changes in the decor, add elements that can be simple, but beautiful. For example, mirrors, different types of floors and even potted plants. Check out some simple and effective tips below:

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Bathroom with plants (Photo: Disclosure)

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You don’t need to make a garden inside the bathroom, much less an Amazon branch, but it is possible to leave your beautiful small bathroom with just a few vases or flowers in the decor. Above, we have an image with two examples. In one of them, an organizer was installed flush with the wall made of wood and only coated with varnish to make it shine. At the top, without taking up any space (or as little space as possible) the person placed a vase with a plant. You can choose a more colorful flower if you prefer, such as violets, which thrive indoors in low light and don’t even need a lot of water.

In the other example of small bathroom everything is white: walls, sink, closet, shower details and even the floor. To leave the place with a light, colorful touch and without losing elegance, a glass vase was placed over the sink and flowers were highlighted. Those who love decoration like this can put a bigger vase and more flowers. Unleash your imagination and let the plants invade your bathroom.

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Example of a bathroom with mirrors (Photo: Disclosure)

O small bathroom it can be claustrophobic if you place too many objects in the room. In addition, some tricks are able to make this space appear larger. Mirrors are the champions of decorative illusionism. Try leaving several in different formats on a wall. Or, do as in the example above and place a very large mirror on the bathroom wall of the property. It looks very beautiful, elegant, women love it and it helps with decoration.

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