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Small and decorated double bedroom: tips, photos

Sharing space with another person is not, as many know, something easy. Everyone has their own belongings and habits, and that’s why couples often want to set up a large and pompous bedroom. However, when you can’t do that, you don’t need to worry too much. One small and decorated double room, with care and good taste, it results in a very cozy and beautiful environment. Dedication to decorative details is also very useful for couples who prefer a smaller bedroom, reserving a separate closet. See below for some tips and photos.

Balance between dark and muted colors is important.

What this article covers:

Tips for small and decorated double rooms

The image above shows two important ideas for decorating small rooms. In reduced environments, the tip is to opt for neutral and soft colors, with white being the preference for this purpose. Residents, above, opted for dark colors, on the floor and on some parts of the walls, and also placed a dark panel over the bed. However, in order for the balance of tones to be maintained and for the space not to appear even more reduced, visually, the solution was to increase the decoration, also using white parts. Finally, the second trick was used: the large mirror in bedroom, which is positioned behind the shelves. This causes the feeling of amplitude, on site.

Dots of color make the environment more cheerful (Photo: Disclosure)

At decor for small bedroom, more vibrant colors can also be used, as long as they are also balanced with muted tones. This is what we see in the image above. In reality, it doesn’t differ much from the previous one, in terms of decorating tricks. The difference lies in the paintings, on the chest of drawers and in the colorful pillows, which added more joy to the environment. In the image below, we see the same tricks, but balanced with total white, on the furniture and walls.

A lot of white color, with points of color (Photo: Disclosure)

This is called decoration with color dots. It can be done in combination with dark, but also light colors. In the case of small rooms, it is interesting, as it turned out, to opt for white. The color, used on the walls and in most of the furniture, gives uniformity to the look, causing a feeling of spaciousness. Also notice the servant beside the bed. It has a large hollow area, next to the thin white drawer. This is also another tip. If you want to add small tables or the like to the place, opt for the lighter models, with thin metal frames and glass surfaces, as they take up less visual space, increasing the ambience.

Photos that small double rooms

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