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Slugging for hair – get more beautiful hair while you sleep!

Slugging is an easy way to improve hair health while making hair soft, beautiful and shiny. Here’s everything you need to know about slugging for hair.

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Slugging — the skincare trend that involves covering your face with Vaseline and leaving it on for a long time, preferably overnight — has been big on TikTok this year. Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that slugging for the hair has now become at least as popular on the platform.

What is slugging for hair?

Slugging for hair doesn’t involve Vaseline (thank goodness!). Instead, various oils are used that improve the health and appearance of the hair – an ancient method that has long had a given place in many cultures.

While slugging can’t repair split ends—only a trim can fix that—it can make hair more resilient, soft, and shiny.

Slugging for the hair: Choose the right product for your hair

The key to successful slugging is to use the right product for your hair: if you have thin and fine hair, you should invest in a lighter oil that doesn’t weigh your hair down.

If you have thicker hair, however, you can choose a fattier oil that covers the hair better. But remember that the thicker the oil, the more difficult it can be to style your hair the next day.

A hot tip for all hair types is therefore a serum that is both lightweight but deeply moisturizes the hair at the same time. Also look out for products that contain jojoba, arganmarula and coconut oil.

So you do

1. Brush through the hair and apply your chosen product to the lengths – be careful not to apply the oil too close to the roots.

2. Brush through the hair again. If you have long enough hair, you can put it up in a braid.

3. Protect your hair with a silk cap (stuffing your hair into a sock, as many on TikTok do, is not recommended because the fabric absorbs the hair oil). If you don’t like the idea of ​​sleeping with a hood, you can try a silk pillowcase instead.

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