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Slower Wi-Fi? You could have intruders on your network • ENTER.CO

Is your internet slower than normal? Watch out! You could have intruders on your WiFi Internet connection. This is a problem that is not possible to detect with the naked eye because you will not see the effects on a bill, but on the speed of your internet.

The intruders in the network are potential thieves of the bandwidth of your connection, that is why your internet is slower. In addition, having intruders on the network is a worrying security flaw because this way they could steal your connection data and passwords. So if you want to check if there are intruders on your WiFi network you have to read this way to find out. Is good know that there are different reasons why you may have “intruders” on your network. It may be that you have not configured your security key and therefore anyone can connect. Second it may be because you shared your password in the past and now the person is still connected and third it may be that your network has been cracked and they are stealing your internet.

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Before detecting these intruders, you should know that there are several methods to discover which devices are connected to your network. One of the simplest and most preferred is download the fing app, it is free to use and allows you to track and know the active devices. This app is available for download for both iPhone and Android. After installing the application you can open it and go directly to the button that says “Search for devices” and it will start searching for those who are active on the network you are connected to. This means that if you have more than one network at home, you must do the same process for all networks.

Once you have the complete list of connected devices, you can detect if any of the assets are not known and then do the expulsion. Expelling them is very easy, just you must change the security password of your WiFi network and ready. So you can detect intruders in your WiFi network.

Image: Misha Feshchak on Unsplash

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