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Slow cell phone? 7 tips for a faster Android

With use, your mobile phone tends to slow down. The problem is common, but it can be avoided. Learn how to make your Android faster.

make your fastest android it is the dream of users fed up with waiting to load or close applications, to view contact lists or to open other resources on their device.

So if you get exasperated every time your smartphone starts dragging its feet and doesn’t respond with the usual efficiency, you need to take action. Our tips are for you and, believe me, they will make a difference.

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Free up space for photos and videos

You can do this by throwing away what you don’t care about and backing up what you are interested in to the cloud, computer or disk. Less space occupied on your mobile phone, better efficiency and performance for its memory.

If you opt for the cloud, remember that Google Photos is factory installed with Android, but it only has 15GB of free storage shared with the gmail or other Google services you may use. For the high definition photos you want to store, physical options (computer or disk) will always be the best options.


Get rid of apps you don’t use

Applications consume battery and data even when not in use, for example social networks or Google maps. If you leave applications open in the background they will continue to consume your device’s RAM memory, contributing to its slowness.

Do not leave applications open that you are not using and delete those that no longer interest you.

When surfing online, your phone stores bits of information to make your next visit to each site quicker. It is a way that the internet has to speed up the execution of programs. Look for your phone’s cache and clear it regularly. It’s usually in Settings, Storage, Clear or My Device, Storage, Cache Data.

It can also be in the settings of the browser you use, in Historic or Browsing data.


Update the operating system

The world of technology is always creating new versions of its operating systems and programs to improve errors in previous versions or to make them more efficient.

It’s almost always worth updating your Android to the latest available version. Go to Settings and Update. The new versions can reduce the execution time of the tasks and demand less effort from the processor, improving its overall performance.


Saving battery also helps.

pull a lot by drums may slow down your device. Turn off Bluetooth and install versions lite (less heavy) of some applications.

Also use the power saving mode when the battery level is low to reduce the processing effort on your device.


An antivirus can help

The presence of viruses or malware are two of the main factors responsible for the slowness of mobile phones. Many of them consume excess data and battery, even when you’re not using your phone.

Have one antivirus which scans and deletes these threats, can help improve your Android’s overall speed.


Restore original settings

When nothing seems to make your Android faster, the last resort is a factory reset. This option will erase everything you have on your device and present it as when it arrived in your hand.

You already know that you should only do it after backing up everything you need. Go into Settings, System, Updates and Reset or, on some devices, Restore Factory Defaults. Learn more about how to reset your Android here.

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