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Sleeping with the light on could make you fat

Sleeping with the television on or with a light in the room can make you gain weight or develop obesity, especially if you are a woman.

This is explained by a study by the National Institutes of Health, according to which exposure to artificial light during sleep causes weight gain in women.

The study and its results on how sleeping with the light on could make you gain weight

The scientists used the answers obtained from the “Sister Study” questionnaire, carried out on 43,722 women, in which the participants were asked if they slept with or without light. By comparing the answers with data such as weight, height or body measurements, a follow-up study was carried out for five years. The results revealed that the women’s weight changed depending on the level of artificial light they were exposed to during sleep.

A small light at night did not produce any change in weight, while an artificial light or television turned on increased the chances of gaining 5 kilos or more in 5 years by 17%. However, when the light came from outside, the weight gain was less.

Humans -explained Chandra Jackson, co-author of the study- are genetically adapted to a natural environment made up of sunlight during the day and darkness at night. Exposure to artificial light at night can disrupt hormones and other biological processes, increasing the risk of health disorders such as obesity.

TV on is a bad habit even during meals

Artificial light from the television often accompanies our meals. But as Luca Piretta, Melarossa’s nutritionist, explained to us, eating in front of the TV is always a bad habit that should be lost. This is because the screen distracts us from what we are doing and, above all, from what we are eating. And the lack of attention we pay to food affects our satisfaction and feeling of satiety.

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