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Sleeping with a silk pillowcase – benefits for both hair and skin

Now is a good time to throw all the old cotton pillowcases overboard and invest in a completely different material – namely silk! A choice that has great benefits for both your hair and your skin!

Photo: Ogland/Unsplash

Are you one of those people who wakes up with frizzy hair every morning? Silk is a smooth and frictionless material that counteracts this and lets the curls lie calmly on your shoulders. If you also plan to grow your hair out, using a silk pillowcase reduces the risk of broken hair.

Moisturizes and reduces the risk of wrinkles

The silk is also temperature-regulating, and therefore stays reasonably warm during the night. At the same time, it keeps away dust mites and keeps your skin hydrated. Cotton has a tendency to absorb moisture, but silk allows your products to stay on the skin and keeps your face moisturized all night. It also reduces the appearance of sleep wrinkles and, for dry and sensitive skin, significantly reduces friction on your skin.

Do we need to keep persuading you? Didn’t think so! Below we list a bunch of affordable silk pillowcases that are good for both hair and skin!

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