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Sleeping well is possible by following these 7 tips

Sleeping well is your best beauty mask. The only solution for a rested face is to sleep well. Sleeping well is possible by following these 7 tips. Try looking at your face after a sleepless night: the eyelids are heavy, the skin is dull and the dark circles under the eyes speak for themselves.

But it is not always easy to rest well. The daily rhythms of work and family make you arrive tired but still with adrenaline at night. Worries take away sleep, not to mention the unpleasant consequences of poor rest on mood and concentration.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, and not just for your skin. During sleep, your muscles relax and your body produces growth hormones, which help boost your immune system. Sleeping well is the best key to beauty, health and well-being.

What is the secret to sleep well?

1 – Eat light!

To sleep well it is essential not to overdo it at the table.

It’s no use trying to rest if you binge on dinner!

So eat a nutritious but balanced meal – a main course with grilled vegetables, for example – and, since hunger doesn’t make you sleepy either, treat yourself to a light snack before bed.

A fruit or a glass of milk will do. The Red Apple diet also recommends it!

If you want to know more about the best diet to take care of your skin read this discover in this article what is the best diet for perfect skin.

Avoid tea and coffee in the 6 hours before bed – these are exciting drinks that will definitely keep you awake!

2 – Get Organized!

Many times what disturbs sleep is the thought of all the things you have to do as soon as you wake up and the fear of not having time to do them all.

So get organized and take advantage of everything you can the night before:

  • Prepare the coffee pot.
  • Set the table for breakfast.
  • Prepare the clothes you want to wear on the chair.
  • Prepare the tupperware with lunch.
  • If you have children, teach them to do the same.

Knowing that you have already done half of your homework, you will go to bed less anxious and sleep more peacefully.

3 – The bedroom

It’s certainly no secret that a messy room is not the best place to get a good night’s sleep.

If before going to bed you have to spend half an hour looking for your pajamas because they are buried under piles of clothes, risking breaking your neck tripping over shoes scattered on the floor, then you will not go to sleep in the best mood.

Get inspired by the principles of Feng Shui to build a relaxing and harmonious nest in which to rest.

The basic rules of Feng Shui for a peaceful sleep.

  • Order is the first step, because in a messy and chaotic environment the chi, which is the vital energy that normally circulates everywhere, gets stuck.
  • The arrangement of furniture in the room also plays a role. important. Place the bed in the corner opposite the entrance, with the headboard against the wall and facing east, possibly not under a window so as not to receive direct sunlight.
  • Avoid accommodations where the feet or head are facing the door. They would prevent you from having control of the room and the people who enter, and this could create anxiety and tension.
  • Also pay attention to currents, an essential aspect of Feng Shui that considers energy flows to be decisive. Therefore, avoid placing the bed in the middle of the current flow that circulates from the window to the door. Materials are also important. It prefers the warmest ones like wood to the cold ones like metals.

4 – Eliminate noises

If your neighbor has a habit of listening to loud music until late at night, it is normal that your sleep suffers. Ring the bell and ask him to stop: you have the right to sleep well!

Also, if there are noises that bother you at night or early in the morning, take action.

You can’t move a room that faces a busy street, but you can buy some earplugs!

5 – Exercise… but not before going to bed

Staying active during the day helps you sleep more soundly at night.

Discover the exercises you can do outdoors or at home.

The important thing is not to do sports immediately before going to sleep so as not to get the opposite effect!

6 – Relax!

Do what you can to get stress and tension out of bed. Listen to classical music before going to bed or pamper yourself with a relaxing massage.

Even essential oils can help create an environment around you that gives you the proper serenity for a good night’s sleep.

Chamomile, marjoram, lavender, tangerine, grapefruit are excellent for calming anxiety and tension before bed.

Use them to scent your room or for a nice relaxing bath. Stay submerged for about twenty minutes, lie down on the bed and let yourself be lulled into sleep by the arms of Morpheus!

7 – Infusions for a good rest

Your room is tidy, you ate light, put everything in order for the next day and did two hours of pilates and still… still can’t sleep?

Try the herbs. ManzanaRoja recommends an infusion of chamomile, lime and sweet clover or a few drops of valerian officinalis. Take them before going to sleep.

They will have a great relaxing effect and you will sleep like a baby!

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