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slates in wedding decor

At slates in wedding decor represent a real sensation. They manage to decorate the environment with charm, romanticism and personality.

Make the wedding decoration more beautiful with the slates. (Photo: Reproduction/ Theweddingofmydreams)

The use of blackboards to decorate weddings started last year. The bride and groom bet on small slates to write fun and romantic messages. In 2016, the trend has everything to get stronger, now with new types of combined letters and cute designs.

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slates in wedding decor

This story of decorating weddings only with flower arrangements and luxury objects is a thing of the past. Now, bride and groom are even looking for ways to leave the event with a personal touch, without necessarily weighing on the budget. This concept values ​​panels with photos, books, furniture, recyclable ornaments and even small blackboards.

The trend of chalkboards at weddings, also known as Chalkboard, came to leave the fraternization with a more relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the real blackboard, many grooms are inspired by the “blackboard and chalk” aesthetic to work with other materials, such as paper.

Check out creative ideas to use slates in wedding decor🇧🇷

Blackboard with the names of the bride and groom.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Loveandlavender)

Blackboard with the names of the bride and groom. (Photo: Reproduction/ Loveandlavender)

The most common way to insert the slate at a wedding is by using it to write the bride and groom’s names. In this way, the blackboard becomes a small plaque, which is exposed right at the entrance to the party. In addition to the names, it is also possible to include a welcome phrase and the date.


Chat with guests through the blackboards.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Partiesforpennies)

Chat with guests through the blackboards. (Photo: Reproduction/ Partiesforpennies)

The bride and groom are able to talk to their guests through the small slates, positioned at different points of the party. They can inform the wedding hashtag for tagging photos, present the menu and indicate where the bathroom is.

pending messages

Pending messages.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Beforethebigday)

Pending messages. (Photo: Reproduction/ Beforethebigday)

The DIY (Do It Yourself) wave is incorporating the Chalkboard fad. Proof of this are the pendant ornaments that value the texture of a blackboard and support chalk writing. The idea of ​​suspended messages looks amazing at outdoor weddings.

romantic messages

Bet on romantic messages.  (Photo: Playback/Benessamy)

Bet on romantic messages. (Photo: Playback/Benessamy)

Romanticism is a characteristic of marriage, which can be enhanced through slates with romantic messages. The bride and groom can extract excerpts from favorite books, songs and poems.

chalkboard cake

Chalkboard Cake.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Weddingomania)

Chalkboard Cake. (Photo: Reproduction/ Weddingomania)

Those who want to be a little more daring in their decoration can bet on the Chalkboard wedding cake. It is completely scenographic and has a finish inspired by a blackboard. That way, the bride and groom can write messages.

At slates in wedding decor manage to make any party more cheerful, relaxed and intimate. Bet on this trend and surprise guests with your good taste.

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