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Skagentoast in Leif Mannerström’s style

Opt for a classic Skagen toast for Christmas or New Year and brighten up the menu for your guests. This incredible dish is topped with freshly grated horseradish which marries well with the good flavors of the crispy bread, prawn salad and roe!

Photo: Instagram @Mannerstromofficial

Brighten up the New Year’s menu or why not the festive days of Christmas with this wonderful variation on a classic toast skagen in Leif Mannerström’s style? Here is the perfect combination of tasty shrimp paste with fresh horseradish, butter-fried bread, calix roe and dill.

For more tips on how to cook Christmas food from scratch, check out Mannerström’s Christmas cookbook which contains recipes for everything you need and then some.

Check out the delicious recipe below.

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