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Site House Plants

At site house plants they are architectural projects that guide each stage of the work, that is, they show details about the occupation of the land and the distribution of rooms in the property. With one or more floors, the plan must be drawn up by an architect, but on the internet it is possible to find many inspiring models.

Site House Plants. (Photo: Disclosure)

The country houses usually adopt a rustic style that manages to perfectly represent features of the countryside environment. Usually these constructions explore materials such as wood or exposed brick to make the entire structure and finish. Both the internal and external parts have specific characteristics and appear in the plans of houses in the countryside.

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What this article covers:

Site House Plants

The rural environment requires spacious and resistant housing, built with quality materials to ensure the efficiency of the structure. Before the plan is drawn up, the professional responsible for the work needs to know the dimensions of the land, that is, what space is available to build a property in the middle of the rural environment.

There are many models of site houseplants. (Photo: Disclosure)

At site house plants they can have one or two floors, with the kitchen, dining room and living room located at the bottom. The bedrooms, bathrooms and attic can be found on the upper floor. This project is associated with the most modern architecture at a high cost, so not all landlords can opt for this style.

Tips and ideas for plants

When building a farmhouse, it is essential to stay on top of new trends in decoration and architecture, thus combining modern elements to assemble the structure of the property. Of course, the house can maintain a rustic style that is evident in the cladding (walls and floors) and also in the types of forms that are explored in the construction. Country house designs can be based on country house blueprints, which are built on farms and ranches.

The project seeks to show the distribution of rooms in the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

Housing built on the site and in other rural environments must correspond to the perspectives of residents, valuing above all comfort and balance with natural elements. The construction of a sustainable house is welcome in the sites, because they combine with the proposal to preserve the environment.

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How to make my plant?

You can create your own blueprint. (Photo: Disclosure)

The best way to make your house plan is to hire the services of an architect. Only this professional knows the techniques to value the land through a good project. However, you can use some computer graphics program to sketch your idea, as is the case with Google SketchUp🇧🇷 This 3D modeling software has many useful tools that help to shape every detail of the floor plan.

site house plans templates

Count on the guidance of an architect. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many models of farmhouses, they are usually large and reveal features of an architecture that manages to be both rustic and modern. The floor plan will designate areas for all rooms, including living room with fireplace, bedrooms, kitchen, terrace, dining room and laundry room. Outside there may be an orchard, a chicken coop or a swimming pool installed in the vicinity of the site.

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If you are interested in site house plantsknow that you will find great options on the internet, such as the following projects:

House Plan Model 1. (Photo: Disclosure)

House Plan Model 2. (Photo: Disclosure)

Model of House Plan of Sítio 3. (Photo: Disclosure)

Model of House Plan of Sítio 4. (Photo: Disclosure)

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