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Siren eyes – 5 simple steps to succeed with the viral trend

This summer, a new makeup trend appeared on social media that would prove to be one of the year’s biggest: Siren eyes. We show you how to succeed with the trend!

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If you regularly spend time on social media, you’ve definitely heard of Siren eyes, the make-up trend that has become one of the year’s biggest in beauty circles. But what does the trend actually mean?

“Siren eyes are a soft but dramatic look that is done with eyeliner or lightly smudged eye shadow. This gives the illusion of an elongated, elongated eye shape,” makeup artist Jenna Nicole explains Cosmopolitan.

Below you will find a simple guide to perfect Siren eyes!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Use a fluffy brush to apply eyeshadow along the upper and lower lash line. Work outwards to create a v-shaped shadow at the outer edge of the eye that gives the impression of an elongated shape. Start with a lighter eyeshadow and then switch to a darker shade to make the v-shape more defined.
  2. Use eyeliner – solid or liquid depending on what you feel most comfortable with – to paint a “wing” at the outer edge of the eye. Here it is important to get the angle right: instead of starting to paint the wing at the lash line of the upper eyelid, try starting a little further down, at the outer corner of the eye. This gives the impression that the eye is drawn out horizontally rather than upwards.
  3. If using a solid eyeliner, blur the line using a dense makeup brush to connect it with the upper and lower lash line of the eye. If you use liquid eyeliner, connect the line with the lash line of the eye and let it taper towards the center of the eyelid.
  4. Define the inner corner of the eye by filling in the waterline using an eyeliner. You can fill in the entire lash line of the eye if you want, but it is recommended to focus on the outer edges of the eye and leave the line thin in the center of the eye to really elongate the shape of the eye. If you’re using a solid eyeliner or eyeshadow for this, extend the inner line towards the nose using a small angled makeup brush. To ensure the eyeliner stays in place, try a waterproof eyeliner and top with powder.
  5. Finish with mascara and pay extra attention to the outer lashes to enhance the long, narrow shape of the eye. You can also use false eyelashes for a greater effect.
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