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SINE Uberaba Job Vacancies in Uberaba MG

SINE Uberaba is a body responsible for directing qualified labor to companies and providing numerous services to workers. In addition, the unit offers several job vacancies in the most varied sectors of industry and local commerce. To apply for vacancies, just register with SINE.

What this article covers:

Service station Sine Uberaba

The SINE (National Employment System) service station is located at Rua Vigário Silva, 309 – Centro, equipped with CTPS. To register, it is important to bring your personal documents. SINE phone: (34) 3332-7667 e-mail: [email protected] For you to send your resume.

Open vacancies at Sine Uberada

Sine Uberaba has several vacancies open for numerous areas. Candidates interested in vacancies must contact SINE with the following documents:

  • Work Card;
  • PIS, PASEP number;
  • Proof of address;
  • RG;
  • CPF.

The vacancies available are:

– Butcher

It is necessary that the candidate has at least 6 months of experience, have elementary school education, may be incomplete. It is necessary that the candidate knows how to make cuts of meat according to the customer’s needs, among others. The starting salary is BRL 1220.00 plus benefits.

– Administrative Analyst

It is necessary that the candidate has completed Higher Education, must have experience in the sector. The candidate will be responsible for the electronic point and the closing of the employees’ payroll. Starting Salary: BRL 1,800.00

– Sewing Assistant

To hold the position, the candidate must have completed high school. The professional should assist in the clothing repair shop. Starting salary: BRL 880.00.

– Sales consultant

The candidate must have completed high school, must prove experience, in addition to obtaining a car, be willing to travel for up to a week, have a driver’s license. Starting salary: BRL 1,914.00.

– Installation Electrician (Motor Vehicles and Machine Tools)

It is required that the candidate has completed Elementary School, have experience. The professional must work in the repair and maintenance of heavy machinery, such as: truck, tractor, wheel loader, motor grader, excavator. The starting salary is R$ 1,953.00.

– Automotive Vehicle Installation Electrician

The candidate must have experience. The candidate will work with the electrical maintenance of cars, alternator, starter motor, air conditioning, and have a category “B” Driver’s License. The starting salary is R$2,500.00.

– Domestic Employee in General Services

The candidate must provide proof of experience in domestic services. The starting salary is R$ 880.00.

– Mechanic

It is necessary that the candidate has experience, elementary school education may be incomplete. The professional must have experience working in plants, with trucks, vans and buses. Starting Salary: BRL 1,900.00.

– locksmith

Must have completed Elementary School, proven experience. The worker must carry out work carried out on canvas facades with melaton, panels, canvas with eyelets, totems, luminous, among others. Starting salary: BRL 1,500.00

– Deputy Store Manager for commercial operations

The candidate must prove experience of at least six months and have completed high school. The worker will be responsible for the store in its sectors in relation to the professional staff, its layout, among other services. Starting salary of BRL 1,980.00 plus benefits.

It is worth remembering that vacancies may change as they are filled in accordance with company policy.

How to apply for a job at Sine Uberaba

To register for SINE Uberaba, you can go to the unit at the address mentioned above. Or you can also do it via email to send your resume. You choose the best option.

SINE Uberada website:

To get in touch with SINE Uberaba you can call the telephone number: (34) 3332-7667 or by e-mail address: [email protected] Register today and compete for available positions.

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