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simple wedding decor

THE simple wedding decor It is recommended for couples who want to save money when decorating the church and the party. This aesthetic abuses simple elements and seeks to take advantage of the elegance that exists in simplicity.

Simple wedding decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

The simple wedding combats exaggeration and exuberance, but without neglecting the matrimonial essence. Handcrafted details are valued, with the purpose of highlighting the intimate atmosphere and the romantic climate.

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simple wedding decor

Lighting details. (Photo: Disclosure)

By following simple steps, it is possible to save on wedding decor. Check out some tips below:

Decorate with seasonal flowers

One way to save money and, at the same time, make the decor beautiful is to bet on seasonal flowers. These species are usually found more easily and last longer in ornamentation.

The concern for details makes all the difference in decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Details make all the difference

The details make the wedding more beautiful, in addition to being responsible for adding a touch of personality to the ceremony and reception. The bride and groom can bet on small arrangements with flowers, glass containers, floating candles, vintage objects, fluid fabrics and old photos to put together a romantic composition.

Do not exaggerate

When setting up a simple wedding decor, the main tip is not to overdo it. The color palette must have soft and delicate tones, since the ornaments used to decorate cannot have a conflicting aesthetic.

Simple wedding cake can be smaller. (Photo: Disclosure)

Choose a smaller cake

The wedding cake is a highlight of the main table. If the objective is to set up a simpler reception, then it is appropriate to bet on a small and delicate cake. It is also worth decorating with neatly decorated cupcakes.

simple centerpiece

The centerpiece is an item that cannot be missing from the wedding decor. It can be made by hand and in a simple way. An interesting idea is to place a candle inside the transparent glass container, along with rose petals. This ornament has the advantage of being simple, inexpensive and charming.

Simple and sophisticated idea for centerpiece. (Photo: Disclosure)

Wedding souvenirs

There are many ways to make a simple yet impactful souvenir. You can bet on edible items, such as personalized bonbons, macarons, cupcakes and many other mouth-watering sweets. These delicacies are even responsible for making the wedding decor more beautiful.

Simple wedding decor ideas

A simple wedding is a perfect event to put decorating ideas into practice. See the photo gallery and get inspired:

Take advantage of the suggestions to assemble a simple wedding decor🇧🇷 The event promises to be amazing!

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