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Simple prosperity rituals to perform during the next New Moon

To carry out a spiritual ritual, candles, essences or special stones are not always required, Well, in some cases, all these types of objects areThey can be replaced by the intention, belief, and focus of the person doing it.

With respect to the recommended rituals for New Moon, can help human beings to mark a new beginning in their projectsbecause during this cycle the natural satellite of the earth has more energy.

Sticking to the beginning of a new lunar cycle to start a personal one can represent a huge boost in people’s lives, only that you must be consistent between what you want and the attitude shown to achieve it, because not everything is usually magical.

Ritual to improve habits

Putting aside bad habits in a human being is usually something complex, but not impossible to eradicate, especially since it means changing the way people have been living for years. However, The first step is to establish a commitment and a specific date to start a new path.

During the New Moon, it is advised that a person interested in ending a bad habit writes on a piece of paper what they want to change first, asking what prevents them from doing?

Then you must also write the possible solution that is in your hands. That will actually be your decree to start from that moment.

In addition to this, you can also start writing a diary that will serve as a log on the progress made until the next lunar cycle, the date on which it must be reviewed to know the progress.

dream board

Another way to move towards success in life is to create a dream board at the beginning of a New Moon. In other words, a collage of cut images that capture everything that you want to achieve.
It is recommended to be completely calm when starting to cut out the selected images and write the desire that mentally arises, but also indicate why and for what you want something specific.

rearrange spaces

During the New Moon it is advisable to relocate the furniture and clean the building where you live. After doing so, it is necessary to bathe with hot water and drink a comforting drink. The next point is to write on a piece of paper the objectives that are to be achieved through said ritual.

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