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Simple Garden Decor | Photos and Videos Step by Step

If you have a small space in your backyard that can be transformed by making a simple garden decor, This is a great option to decorate your home, leaving it with a more natural look. In addition, the garden provides more peace and warmth because plants have the power to calm and cheer people up with their smells, colors and textures. So taking care of a garden is fantastic therapy on stressful days.

What this article covers:

Simple Garden Decoration

However, if you don’t have a lot of time to take care of a garden🇧🇷 choose plants that are easy to care for so they don’t give you too much work during maintenance. So, before buying your plants, check the size of your space and the incidence of sunlight in it, as each plant has its specificities and way of caring, with some needing more water than others.

Always ask the seller how they should be treated and how much water and sun they need. With this, you will be able to choose the ideal plants for your garden. So, see our simple garden decor ideas.

If you only have a small space available in your home, this mini garden between walls is perfect. In a concrete structure, soil, fertilizer and seedlings of small palm trees were placed to make the appearance healthier and more colorful. For the decoration to gain a special charm, the top of the earth was covered with round stones.

simple garden with stones

As the next tip we have this garden which is quite simple and perfect for small spaces. On the wooden structure, 4 simple clay vases were placed on stone squares, which are the charm of the decoration. The pot plant is the fetusca-bluea foliage that is easy to care for and beautiful to look at, mainly because of its wild characteristic.

The winter garden also makes the house look more natural and healthy. In this example, despite being simple, it shows great sophistication of the decorator because of the objects and plants chosen.

The pebbles and white vases convey peace to the residents, as does the small fountain made of stones and bamboo in the center of the garden🇧🇷 Amidst the pebbles, brown round stones were placed to contrast with the white. The foliage is tropical to bring joy to the home.

Our last option is this garden where the decor is very creative, original, simple and rustic. Therefore, the house is more cozy and warm. Wooden boxes were also installed on the wooden wall to give the place a rustic feel. On the floor and inside the boxes, vases of foliage were placed mixed with colorful flowers, which relax the garden.

How to Build a Simple Garden in the Outdoor Area

We’ve separated a video that will teach you how to set up a simple and beautiful garden in your backyard with easy-to-find gardening material.

🌿 Plants used:

  • Red Dracaena (Cordyline terminalis)
  • Golden Penguin (Duranta erecta)
  • agave angustifolia
  • Purple Pineapple (Tradescantia spathacea)

⚒️ Materials used:

  • grass limiter
  • drainage blanket
  • Manure
  • stones

Photo of Simple and Beautiful Garden

simple garden decor with vases and crates

simple garden decor recyclable wood

take care of a garden It can be a great remedy against stress and everyday rush. However, as the lack of time is constant in most families, make a simple garden decoration to be able to take care of him more closely.

simple garden decor with decorative plants

simple garden decor with table and stones

simple garden decoration

simple varied garden

simple garden with recycled wood

simple garden with stones and pots

simple garden with succulents scattered around

simple garden with succulents on wood

simple garden with potted succulents

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