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Simon Cowells heckled on Twitter after new video: “Looks like a wax doll”

On Thursday, TV personality Simon Cowell, 63, posted a now-deleted video on Twitter that caused many to react to his unusual appearance: it appears that Cowell has started using fillers again, only months after he said he would stop this type of intervention.

Photo: Twitter

In an interview with The Sun in April, Simon Cowell, known from the talent show, told us The X Factor, that he stopped using fillers on his face. According to him himself, the procedures made him look like “something out of a horror movie”:

“There was a period where I might have gone a little too far,” Cowell told the magazine. “I saw an old picture of me the other day and at first I didn’t recognize myself at all. Eric [Cowells son] couldn’t stop laughing. I felt that was enough then. There are no fillers on my face now. Zero.”

The TV profile continued: “For a while everyone pumped their faces full of different things. But for me, it’s actually mainly about eating healthy and drinking lots of water.”

“Something is not right”

However, after posting a video on Twitter on Thursday, many believe that the TV personality has started the beauty procedures again. In the video in question, Cowell invited interested parties to contact him to audition for the British talent show Britain’s Got Talent:

“I always say on this show that two or three minutes can change your life,” he said in the clip. “And it has. And maybe it could be your turn this time.”

The video was removed after several people chose to focus on Cowell’s appearance instead of the message:

“Can we talk about Simon Cowell for a moment?” wrote one person who posted a screenshot from the video alongside an older photo of Cowell.

“Madame Tussauds unveiled their new wax figure, Simon Cowell,” another person tweeted.

Others were more concerned:

“Simon Cowell doesn’t look so good,” one person tweeted. “Something is not right.”

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