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Similar to TikTok! YouTube makes it easy to edit short videos • ENTER.CO

It seems that TikTok is setting a trend in the production of content on social networks. Now it’s YouTube’s turn, this platform is making adjustments to facilitate the editing of short videos on its network.

YouTube Shorts is now the latest competition for TikTok. As its name says, the platform that will allow YouTube content producers to make short videos. This proves that short videos are being a success for social networks. For now, this will not completely change the format of long YouTube videos. So the plan of the platform is to provide content creators with a tool that allows them to make short videos from their longer videos. In this way, it will be possible to extract about 60 seconds from the longest videos to share them on YouTube Shorts. Vadim Lavrusik, leader of the YouTube shorts creation product, confessed, in a statement delivered to Mashable, that the goal of this tool is to empower content creators. This tool is available immediately and will be accessible to all creators.

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At the moment, the tool is only available in the YouTube app on iOS and Android devices. The way to find it is very easy, you just have to browse your channel and choose one of the videos that you would like to share in the shorts. There you have to go to the option “Edit in a short” and then you will be allowed to choose a 60 second segment of the video to edit it. It is important that this tool only allows you to edit a clip from a video already uploaded to YouTube. In addition to making it easier to edit longer videos, this tool will also allow you to add content to your short. You just have to meet the 60-second limit.

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